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The 3rd District was once the pride of Hammond. Not too long ago, it was the example for quality educational opportunities, fun and entertainment, industry and safety.
Throughout my career, I have focused on gaining the knowledge and building the relationships necessary to create substantial and long lasting change. As your 3rd District Councilman, and with the input and cooperation from all citizens, we will return our community to prominence by focusing on the following  areas: 

 Economic Development 

  • Recruit businesses that meet the daily needs of residents

  • Collaborate with fellow elected officials to set a strong vision for our financial future

  • Create a job training & placement program to ensure career development; fair wages

  • Provide resources to promote home ownership & financial literacy

 Youth Services 

  • Establish mentor and internship programs for middle & high school students

  • Increase access to social, emotional & educational programming

  • Assist the School City of Hammond in building strategic relationships to
    improve student outcomes

 Public Safety 

  • Clean up empty lots & abandoned homes

  • Improve the walkability of the 3rd District

  • Increase coverage of our public transportation system

  • Enforce legislation to protect our local environment

  • Build stronger relationships between residents & first responders

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